SAM - Locking Installation Management - Dealer FAQs

This is where you will find frequently asked questions about SAM - Simple Administration Manager and the corresponding answers.

If you are not familiar with SAM, simply try it out: In the download section you will find the programme along with a sample lockchart to test. You will find the most important organisational aspects summarised in the brief instructions for dealers

Provision of Data

How do I request data from ASSA ABLOY?

Create a new order and select “SAM data request”. Matrix will then automatically create a new order with one item containing one XDA2.

You can also create SAM data in any other order as an additional item. Simply add another item line and enter one XDA2.

You will find further details and screenshots in the request process.

How do you receive data from ASSA ABLOY?

Once the data has been uploaded by ASSA ABLOY Sicherheitstechnik, import it in the same manner as other lockchart data in Matrix (see How do I receive lockchart data?). In the orders overview, you will see the data in the order type “SAM Data”.

Export the data in SAM format by opening the order and exporting it (right-click -> “Export SAM Lockchart Data” or File/Export/SAM Lockchart Data).

What billing models are there?

You can request SAM lockchart data individually or as part of a subscription.

You will be provided with the lockchart data once if you order individual data. The fixed price for the data requested does not depend on the size or type of system. If you have not taken out a data subscription, you will be billed for each data request.

This type of invoicing is more appealing for smaller locking installations with just a few orders per year.

If you order a SAM data subscription, there is a fee for each locking installation per year. However, you can request data for that locking installation as often as you like within the subscription period - without charge.

A subscription is therefore beneficial for locking installations for which it is likely additional requests or expansions will be made.

As there is currently no automatic data provision for subscription customers, please add an additional item to every order or complaint with the article XDA2.

How do I request SAM data subscriptions?

SAM data subscriptions have article number XDA3 and there are two variants: With and without time limitation.

SAM subscription with time limitation

Provide us with a term of X full years, and we will apply the subscription term to the day. In this case, the subscription will expire on the date provided. The minimum period is one year and can only be extended by full years. If you would like this subscription form, please provide us with the end of the term in order to avoid any misunderstandings.

Example: You would like a 3-year subscription. If ordering on 12/3/2015, you will enter 3x XDA3. The subscription period is 12/3/2015 – 11/3/2018.


  • any subscription term
  • one-off costs
  • period expires automatically

SAM subscription without time limitation / mid-year subscription

Alternatively, you can also order a subscription duing the year for an unlimited period of time. The subscription then runs until 31 December of the respective year and is automatically renewed for another year unless it is cancelled in good time. There is a 3-month period of notice, i.e. by 30/09. The price for the subscription may vary for the following year.

Example: You would like an unlimited subscription. If ordering on 12/3/2015, you will enter 1x XDA3. The subscription period is 12/3/2015 – 31/12/2015.


  • subscription automatically renewed
  • possible to cancel on a yearly basis
  • affordable starter option
Can I only request SAM data by Matrix?

Yes. We must have the order via Matrix as the data is sent to the Matrix installation through which we also received the order.

Can the data on existing locking installations also be supplied?

Yes. The only condition is that the locking installation was ordered after 1989 or it is completely electronically recorded subsequently.

Range of functions

Can I create datasets manually?

Yes, you can enter up to ten datasets yourself. You are therefore not obliged to request current lockchart data.

If you have used the ten datasets, current lockchart data must be reimported and synchronised. You will be asked to merge the manually entered datasets with those provided. If all manual data has been synchronised, you can then enter up to ten more datasets.

This process also ensures that you always have the latest lockchart and full and correct data.

Can multiple locking installations be managed with SAM?

Yes, for each additional locking installation, simply create another database file under “Settings / Database”.

How are +CLIQ locking installations portrayed?

You can also manage +CLIQ locking installations with SAM. The data provided contains both the mechanical and electronic components.

To programme the electronic components, you will also need CLIQ (Web) Manager.

Can I move the database to the network drive?

Yes! To do so, simply change the storage location in the “Database file” section under Settings and state the path to the desired directory.