On groundbreaking design and the opportunities afforded by new standards

How can future standards be complied with in escape route technology today, while also taking design to a whole new level? Ulrich Rotenhagen has addressed these challenges and gives exciting insights into the story behind the new development, ePED, in an extensive interview.

Ulrich Rotenhagen has been active in the conflict area between personal safety and securing doors against misuse for 30 years as product manager for escape route technology at ASSA ABLOY. ASSA ABLOY has now launched the next generation of escape route technology on the market, which fulfils all requirements on an escape route door as a complete system in one function unit. The new DIN EN 13637 and the many advantages of a central escape-door control system have already been integrated. And the design of the escape route technology has also been taken to a whole new dimension.

New opportunities for architects, planners and building operators

Architecture and planning offices often refer to the traditional escape route terminal as the "green frog". In past years, this element has spoiled many an impressive aesthetic – through its appearance alone. The "green frog" is often an interfering element in exposed concrete, glass and wood designs and, in many cases, the space next to the door is simply not suitable for mounting the unpopular green switch.

That's no longer necessary: With the new ePED® technology, ASSA ABLOY has developed an escape door system that is also visually pleasing. The traditional escape route terminal has been reduced to the essential – clear, simple and elegant. The first escape route system with a display in the terminal can also do much more than a "normal" escape route terminal.

The normal switches have been turned into a real eye-catcher that replaces four modules at once." - Ulrich Rotenhagen

More design: elegant and compact

The new terminal impresses with elegant and innovative design and smaller dimensions. The system can be integrated elegantly in the push bar or wall next to the escape door and is more compact than previous terminals. The colour illuminated LED frame on the wall version is also clearly visible even in adverse conditions such as smoke.

More integration: just one highly functional element

The first escape door system to feature a touch screen in the terminal replaces four modules: key switch, emergency opening, illuminated pictogram and time delay display. This means less wiring work and functions are all focused on a highly functional element. All relevant information such as door status, operation, technical details or maintenance information can be called up via the display.

Our display with touch function is currently unique on the market" - Ulrich Rotenhagen

More future: certified for EltVTR and EN 13637:2015

The ePED display terminal is tested in accordance with the German guidelines on electrical locking systems for doors in escape routes (EltVTR) as well as the new standard EN 3637:2015 and offers the option of time delay (approval from the responsible building authority is required for this.) Full use was made of the greater freedom offered by the new standard regarding the product design of escape route technology.

Multi-award winning

The ePED has now impressed the award jury of a trade magazine three times. Following the Protector and GIT SICHERHEIT Award, the intelligent escape door solution was named Product of the Year 2020 by the trade magazine S+B Schloss und Beschlagmarkt.

Further advantages and technical details in the interview

In the interview with Ulrich Rotenhagen, discover the technical considerations and advantages behind the ePED technology and find out all there is to know about:

  • the story behind the development process
  • the time-delayed release of escape doors
  • the advantages of a central escape-door control system
  • and the relevant decision criteria for ePED

Read the extensive interview with Ulrich Rotenhagen now.