PIN validation for CLIQ Connect

Secure access management in the mobile world

Innovative locking solutions that protect critical infrastructures from unauthorised access are what set ASSA ABLOY apart as a leading provider of security technology. The new PIN validation option has been added to the programmable key access solution CLIQ® Connect to provide an extra level of security. Administrators and locking system managers can now define a PIN when issuing or changing access authorisations, which an employee must enter to activate the key during mobile use at a different location. All the employee needs is a smartphone, the pre-installed CLIQ® Connect app and a Bluetooth connection.

Without entering this key, users can not validate or update their key to open another CLIQ® cylinder. The new PIN validation function thus enables even better access security for sensitive areas, such as infrastructure sites, data stores or pharmaceutical storerooms. Because, with this solution, security managers can also protect all updates or revalidations of access authorisations easily with a PIN.

A perfect combination

“Through the expansion of our proven CLIQ® Connect portfolio with the new PIN validation, we are combining maximum mobility and agility with the comfort of extremely high security”, explains Alexander Kroll, Product Manager at ASSA ABLOY Sicherheitstechnik GmbH. “Key holders now no longer have to validate their key again or update their access authorisations in person by returning to the base or finding the nearest programming device. A smartphone, the CLIQ® Connect app and a Bluetooth connection are all that is required.” The new system also saves lots of time and helps to reduce the number of business journeys, which also contributes to more sustainable use of resources.

Mobile, yet still secure

The CLIQ® Connect app connects the programmable keys of the user with the CLIQ® Web Manager via a secure Cloud connection. In order to change the access authorisations of a key holder, the administrator simply accesses the CLIQ® software. As soon as the key holder has established a Bluetooth connection between the programmable CLIQ® Connect key and the app, the access authorisation can be updated directly on the key.

Further information and video material on the multi award-winning CLIQ® locking solution are available under this link.