New low-noise electric strike for escape doors

ASSA ABLOY Sicherheitstechnik GmbH is now offering a new electric strike for the demanding use in escape doors. The special design of the effeff 352M safety electric strike impresses with its extremely quiet operating noise and high holding force. It's easy to install and is suitable for installation in single action and double acting swing doors.

Safety-sensitive doors in commercial and public buildings require tested locking systems that fulfil the legal requirements. This also applies for escape doors that must be secured against unauthorised access from the outside. Electric strikes are used as electrical additional locking systems here, which guarantee safety in escape and rescue routes despite the locking function. During the development of the new 352M electric strike, ASSA ABLOY therefore placed particular importance on the functionality: With an holding force of up to 5,000 Newton under preload, it is the strongest electric strike in the ASSA ABLOY product range and offers one of the highest values on the market. Its innovative design also improves protection against tampering on the door and makes it more difficult to gain unauthorised access.

In addition, ASSA ABLOY has improved the ease of use and design of the electric strike: The new 352M fail-unlocked strike is characterised by extremely quiet operating noise and clear, attractive appearance. The elegant escape door locking system reduces the visible mechanics on the door to a minimum and enables an almost silent locking process. Both locking and unlocking are extraordinarily quiet. Operation with permanent release is also almost silent. Another feature that increases the user-friendly character even further: No additional closing force is required to close the door.

Innovative bolt

In place of a conventional keeper, ASSA ABLOY uses a prism-shaped bolt, which is bevelled on both sides and fully integrated in the door frame. There is a corresponding counterpart in the door leaf. The door leaf detection is carried out by a non-contact sensor. When the door is open, the bolt is completely embedded in the door frame, creating a smooth surface so that a double acting swing door, for example, can freely pass the door frame. If the door swings back after opening, the magnetic sensor detects when the correct resting position for locking is reached. The bolt extends and the door is locked. If power is no longer applied on the closed bolt, the door can be opened via the prism shape of the bolt by applying slight pressure.

Easy installation, high protection against tampering

The motor-driven bolt and its counterpart enable a continuous, standardised profile contour. This maintains a consistent seal layer on the door, which improves sound and insulation values. No flanged striking plate is required for installation. The counterpart of the 352M in the door is also optionally available with VarioFix technology: Adjustable screw holes in the corresponding striking plate enable a more individual fixing. This means that the electric strike can be adjusted and mounted easily in any door situation. It can also be fitted on double acting swing doors, revolving doors or special doors.

The new safety electric strike has been tested according to the German EltVTR directive for escape doors and according to the European standard EN13637. It is therefore approved for use in escape and rescue routes. Its special design makes it particularly suited for applications with high safety requirements, such as forensic areas, high-traffic areas or noise-sensitive environments.