Market innovation: ePED panic touch bar with integrated display terminal

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Requirements for escape door systems can become very complex. As a result, the relevant door installations with panic bar and wall terminals with different control units often look unattractive. With the new ePED panic touch bar, ASSA ABLOY Sicherheitstechnik GmbH has now succeeded in combining all functions and a digital control terminal in one elegant element on the door.

Escape route doors have to deliver a lot depending on use: They must be easy to open without tools in case of emergency, and the doors must also be able to protect the buildings from unauthorised access - as well as unauthorised exit. These requirements are traditionally implemented with escape doors with panic bars and wall terminals for the complex control technology. This type of installation involves various trades – such as electrics and door construction – which makes coordination complicated and prone to errors. Another factor is that traditional installation with wall terminals is not always a visually appealing solution.

ASSA ABLOY is breaking completely new ground with the new ePED panic touch bar with integrated display terminal. The innovative system solution combines panic bar and escape door control terminal in a single element. This means that no separate component on the wall is required. The ePED panic push bar offers architects, builders and building operators a minimalistic and, at the same time, state-of-the-art solution for escape door systems. The new solution also reduces the installation work involved to a minimum. No extensive wiring is required and it can be supplied and assembled to a fully functional state by the door manufacturer. "With the new solution, we have combined all requirements for an escape route door in one functional unit for the first time," explains Ulrich Rotenhagen, who has been product manager for escape route technology at ASSA ABLOY Sicherheitstechnik GmbH for 30 years. "The ePED panic touch bar with integrated display terminal is a completely new development and an innovation for the security industry in Germany."

An elegant "all-in-one" innovation

The ePED panic touch bar with display terminal combines the various elements of an escape door system in a single component on the door. When the escape door system is activated, for example, it allows the touch bar to be actuated, but does not immediately unlock the lock. The door can only be opened after an electronic release. The elegant wiring solution in the door area with a safe 24 V power supply makes it easy to integrate the system into the building management system using ASSA ABLOY HI-O bus technology. If the controlled ePED touch bar is combined with a suitable lock, increased burglary prevention can also be guaranteed. However, the door can always be opened via the locking cylinder without additional electrical trigger action.

The escape door system is controlled via the compact display terminal integrated in the panic touch bar. The multi-award-winning terminal with touch display carries out all functions offered by conventional escape door control terminals: Escape route pictogram, emergency button, authorised use and display of the time delay. "With the integrated display terminal, the emergency buttons are finally located on the door, which is the intuitive place to look for them," adds Ulrich Rotenhagen.

Versatile and future-proof usage options

The new panic touch bar belongs to the ePED (electrically controlled Panic Exit Device) range of electrically controlled escape door systems from ASSA ABLOY. "ePED technology represents the next generation of escape route technology for us, because we have already taken the EN 13637 standard into account when developing the products. Based on this EU standard, escape doors can be secured more effectively against misuse. The new norm offers the possibility of local or central time delay after the emergency button is pressed. This is important for uses with special supervisory requirements such as nurseries or retirement homes. German building codes state that approval from the relevant building authorities is required for this optional function that deviates from the EltVTR. All ASSA ABLOY ePED systems are also certified in accordance with the still valid EltVTR.

The new ePED panic touch bar is also used in security-sensitive areas such as airports or in buildings with high visitor volumes such as stadiums, museums, schools or universities. In addition, the new system is ideal for sales outlets, such as shopping centres, where protection from theft and misuse of escape routes play an important role.

The ePED panic touch bar is also an ideal system for existing buildings or for subsequent changes in use.  The innovative system can be easily retrofitted in all doors with ASSA ABLOY OneSystem locks and remains expandable thanks to HI-O technology.

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