First electric strike with monitoring contact for EX areas

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ASSA ABLOY Sicherheitstechnik GmbH is the only manufacturer in the industry to offer electric strikes for potentially explosive atmospheres (EX areas). With the new EX118R from the effeff brand, an electric strike is now part of the range that not only has the compact dimensions of the entire 118 model family, but also has a monitoring contact for the first time in this application area.

Explosions are feared events in many companies. Particularly vulnerable areas include refineries, energy producers, disposal companies as well as the chemical and pharmaceutical industries, but also companies such as paint shops, mills and joineries. Three conditions must be met for an explosion to occur: first, a combustible gas or dust; second, oxygen, i.e. air; and thirdly, an ignition source, such as a spark from electric charging. Companies need to take comprehensive preventive measures to prevent this combination and adequately protect people. This includes the consistent use of components approved for EX areas - identifiable by the EX logo marking. This also includes locking and security elements on the door.

ASSA ABLOY offers both pneumatic and electrical ATEX electric strikes for this application under the effeff brand. The ATEX electric strikes comply with the European product protection guideline ATEX 2014/34/EU (ATmosphères EXplosibles), have the EX logo and are approved for the designated ATEX protection zones. ASSA ABLOY is now supplementing its 118 electric strike product family with the newly developed EX118R. The ATEX electric strike is the first on the market for potentially explosive atmospheres to be equipped with a monitoring contact. This means that a door in an EX area can now also be reliably monitored and integrated into a building control system. The electric strike is part of ATEX equipment group II and is suitable for use in areas with explosive gas or dust atmospheres. It is designed for Zones 1 or 2 or 21 or 22 with an ignition energy of more than 3 mJ. This allows zones of the low and medium risk levels to be covered.


Compact dimensions, safe design

The EX118R is significantly more compact than the previous ATEX electric strikes and can therefore be used more flexibly. Thanks to its design, it is optimally adapted to use in EX areas, as the electrical components are encased. In addition, all wires are sheathed and an earthing screw is used on the electric strike. A cast special connection cable leads to the power supply.

Electricity supply via intrinsically safe power supply

The necessary energy is supplied by an EX-i mains adapter from R. Stahl. The special 15-volt power supply is installed outside the potentially explosive atmosphere and, in the event of a fault, keeps the voltage so low that there is no danger. For installation, the connection cable is routed directly from the electric strike to the power supply without a single interface. Therefore, the manufacturer already delivers a cable length of 10 or optionally 25 metres ex works. The monitoring contact is connected via an intrinsically safe switching amplifier from R. Stahl.

ASSA ABLOY offers the new EX118R with monitoring contact and adjustable and fixable FaFix keeper as standard. Versions with ProFix latch guide are also available. The EX118R electric strike is also certified according to EN 14846 and suitable for fire doors. Fail-unlocked versions are available under the model designation EX138R.