E.ON secures infrastructure with electronic master key system from ASSA ABLOY

Electric utility company E.ON SE is adopting an electronic locking system from ASSA ABLOY Sicherheitstechnik GmbH to standardise its locking technology. ASSA ABLOY is providing a uniform locking system for critical infrastructure with the highly flexible and digitally programmable eCLIQ master key system in a group-wide master agreement.

Reducing fossil fuels, expanding renewable energy sources – the fundamental transformation to environmentally compatible, digitalised energy supply is underway. What this means for a large energy company like E.ON is: The number of technical systems is growing and growing. The network of buildings, stations and lines is becoming larger and reaching further. At the same time, the requirements for site security technology are becoming stricter. E.ON is stepping up its security with the IKON-brand eCLIQ electronic master key system, relying on a time-tested, scalable and secure system.

Ideal locking system for network operators

The new master key system is subject to complex requirements. The number and long distances of the energy supplier’s technical systems and buildings require a decentralised locking solution that is high-quality, robust, flexible and easy to manage. With eCLIQ, E.ON has chosen a system that is ideally suited to network operators. It is based on a scalable offline system of wireless locking cylinders and electronic keys. Installing it on a door only requires the cylinder to be replaced. The wide range of cylinder types is considered a particular advantage, since it allows not only a wide variety of doors, but also smaller objects such as lockers and furniture or switchable locks, such as those in machines and vehicles, to be integrated into the system. Another important feature of eCLIQ is that it has its power supply in the key: The commercially available button cells can be easily replaced by the key users themselves. This reduces maintenance costs for field personnel, as it completely eliminates the need to regularly replace batteries in the cylinders.

Flexible scalable structure

Thanks to its flexible structure and simple management, the master key system effortlessly adapts to the heavy and permanent changes caused by digitalisation and the energy revolution. At the same time, it meets E.ON’s defined mechanical and electronic security requirements. These include the possibility of blocking keys, logging locking operations and access restrictions based on time and place, depending on the user’s role and profile. The locking system also forces all employees to revalidate their keys regularly, i.e. to renew their authorisations on the key. This can be done either by using a terminal at defined locations or via the CLIQ Connect smartphone app. If a smartphone and key are connected via Bluetooth, the app can call up updated or time-restricted access authorisations directly from the server via the internet and load them onto the key. This keeps access authorisations up-to-date. To guarantee protection from hacker attacks, the data is encrypted during transmission.

The central solution with the eCLIQ locking system now allows every E.ON subsidiary to replace its previous locking technology and start using the new standard.