Tower 185 relies on SMARTair™ access control

The ensemble of Tower 185 in Frankfurt/Main comprises a high-rise office building with 51 floors and a base building with a horseshoe-shaped floor plan. The tower rises from the base building and consists of two high-rise halves with an aluminium-glass façade surrounding a glazed middle portion.

The stimulating composition combines functional, environmental and economic aspects. Tower 185 is the fourth highest high-rise building in Germany has also received a Gold Certificate from the German Sustainable Building Council (DGNB). With numerous innovative approaches, Tower 185 spares valuable natural resources and thus the environment.

Building managers at Tower 185 chose SMARTair™ Update on Card management system. For Tower 185’s SMARTair™ installation, access permissions at the door are updated via user cards. Access control management is simple, visual and easy to operate. Users open doors with smart cards employing MIFARE technology.

SMARTairTM is also cost-efficient in daily operation. Instead of a permanent connection to the mains network, individual components are supplied by standard batteries. This reduces operating and maintenance costs for the doors to a minimum. The intelligent technology provides notification when it is time for battery replacement.

SMARTair™ from KESO is easy to install and does not require any wiring. Lost keys are also no longer a problem, because access rights can be changed as necessary within a matter of seconds.