Guett-Dern is the winner of the 2015 PARTNERSHIP Championship

ASSA ABLOY Sicherheitstechnik GmbH has distinguished its ten most competent sales partners for CLIQ mechatronic locking systems. The top prize was awarded to Cologne-based Guett-Dern GmbH. In addition to the festive award ceremony at the Westin Grand Hotel in Berlin, the award recipients attended a seminar relating to service.

The PARTNERSHIP program effectively shapes the collaboration between ASSA ABLOY and its sales partners to optimally satisfy customer requirements. Especially dedicated and successful partners are distinguished by ASSA ABLOY once per year at the TOP10 award ceremony.

The finalist companies in the CLIQ PARTNERSHIP Championship are determined based on the categories of competence, activity, and success. In this connection, Guett-Dern GmbH of Cologne scored the highest marks. The programme itself is improved continuously and the evaluation starts over each year, so the TOP10 list always reflects current performance. 'We are pleased to have received this recognition for our company's efforts. In the past and now in 2015 we have been very well-positioned in the areas of service and advanced training. This has been distinguished and we are motivated for the upcoming year's championship,' said Johannes Weidenhaupt, Head of Locking Systems & Mechanical Locking Technology at Guett-Dern GmbH in Cologne. 'Being among the TOP10 once again and this time even being awarded 1st prize is a great appraisal of the commitment of our employees,' said Dirk Müller-Steinhausen, responsible for Sales & Technology at Guett-Dern.

Always looking to improve

The TOP10 in 2015 also includes the companies Zweygart Fachhandelsgruppe GmbH & Co.KG, Schmidt & Meldau GmbH, OpenSecure GbR, Löseke & Sohn GmbH, Fritz Graefer GmbH & Co. KG, Ammon Beschläge-Handels GmbH, Josef Pannermayr, Betz & Co. GmbH, and Albert Schäffer & Köder GmbH.

The PARTNERSHIP programme of ASSA ABLOY Sicherheitstechnik GmbH encompasses a nationwide network of certified partners for mechatronic locking systems and access management. Special attention is given to personal assistance and special support of partners and users. 'Our members also consider exclusive information about product innovations, technical advancements, and market trends to be a competitive advantage,' said Michael Buchholz, Head of the PARTNERSHIP programme. Among other things, they benefit from the ASSA ABLOY's support with exclusive online service. Annual certification training has been made mandatory in order to assure consistently high quality standards within the partnership. 'Since service is an increasingly important topic in the market, it is important for use to provide our partners even more competence. For this reason, this is also an increasingly important area of emphasis for the PARTNERSHIP programme.'