ENTR™: Innovative locking solution for private users

Locked out, keys lost or stolen – these situations occur time and time again, increase the risk of break-ins and require expensive locksmith services. To prevent this, ASSA ABLOY Sicherheitstechnik GmbH has now launched a groundbreaking locking solution on the market. The certified ENTR™ system turns a house or apartment door into a security-conscious door with a simple retrofit solution.

It enables safe and convenient control over who can and cannot enter a home – completely without a key. The door is opened via mobile device app, finger scan, pin code or remote control. Residents can select the method that best meets their requirements or can combine several versions.

With the ENTR locking solution, the door can be opened easily via a finger scan. Simply place a finger on the reader mounted on the wall of the house. Up to 20 different people can be given access authorization. Time-dependent authorizations can also be assigned, for cleaners, for example, who should only be able to enter the house once a week.

The module on the wall of the house also enables access via a PIN code. The door opens if the resident enters the correct PIN. The device can assign 20 different codes. It is easy to install and set up.

Smartphone as a door opener

With the ENTR mobile device app, the door is unlocked with a smartphone, tablet or other Bluetooth®-compatible device. The Bluetooth® smart technology is encrypted and is therefore protected against misuse. The app works independently from the network reception.

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