Lead covers for modern door systems

In modern door systems, often several electrical devices are used to control the lock in the door leaf. In the past, this meant: two or more lead covers with corresponding installation effort, space problems due to the door hinges and difficulties with the approval of fire doors. The solution: the new 20-pin lead covers from effeff.

New: 20 pins for more options

Advantages at a glance:

  • Simplified connection of electrical devices that require many pins (motor lock, a sensor bar and biometric access control)
  • No space problem even in narrow frames
  • No difficulties with the approval of fire doors due to the weakening of the door element with more than one lead cover
  • No cable break with integrated flex cable
  • Endurance test with one million load cycles
  • Higher power load possible by bridging pins 1/2 and 3/4
  • Width of the switch box: 24 mm (also in the short version): simplified installation, less milling work
  • Double-sided or one-sided switch box for metal, wood and plastic profiles
  • Radius end pieces
  • Clamp-plug connection
  • Separate production of door and frame
  • Easy installation on the construction site even without electrical knowledge
  • Direct connection to the house installation (without junction box)
  • Simplified service / maintenance

The selection of the right lead cover at a glance:

Mounting type

Depending on the requirements on the door or on the construction site, you can choose between surface and built-in installation:

Surface mounting

  • quickly assembled
  • simply installed
  • ideal for retrofitting
  • Model: 10318

Concealed mounting

  • concealed assembly
  • vandal-proof
  • appearance / design of the door is retained
  • Models: 10312, 10314

The choice of length depends on how far the door needs to be turned

Long version

  • Max. rotation 200 mm
  • Model: 10312

Short version

  • Max. rotation 100 mm
  • Model: 10314

The more complex the door periphery, the more pins are required to connect the electrical devices.


20 pin

Switch boxes

The lead covers are available without, with a one-sided switch box or with a switch box on both sides.

Without switch box

One-sided switch box

Switch boxes on both sides

Flexible cable

Flexible cables are built into most of our cable transitions. Exception: models 10318, 10312-11, 10312-21.

Flex cable

  • No cable break
  • Tested internally for 1 million cycles

Many of the effeff lead covers are 24 mm wide and therefore fit into most profiles

Width 24 mm

Clamp/plug connection

Many effeff lead cover are supplied with a clamp-plug connection

Clamp-plug connection

  • separate production of door and frame
  • easy installation on the construction site even without electrical knowledge
  • direct connection to the house installation (without junction box)
  • Separation of the door leaf from the frame without electrical knowledge: simplified service / maintenance
  • Models: 10314-11, 10314-21, 10314-20, 10314-20-20, 10314-3x, 10314-4x
Mounting plates

Mounting plate with radius

Round end caps


IO module

A lead cover with integrated IO module is available for simple status reports

IO module