Should the front door in apartment buildings be locked at night or not?

Many house rules in apartment buildings specify the front door to be locked between 10 p.m. and 6 a.m. A locked front door protects against burglars and other unwelcome guests. On the other hand, the escape route / rescue route is blocked in the event of a fire and guests can only leave the house late in the evening if they are accompanied by the host.

Can locking the front door in an apartment building be compulsory?

Yes and no. It is not always allowed to lock them.
Whether such a regulation, which specifies the front door to be locked overnight in the rental contract, is effective, must be determined in each individual case by weighing and taking into account all the interests of the tenants (e.g. escape route / rescue route) and apartment owners that are worthy of protection.

The German Hanover District Court saw it differently in 2007 and decided that the house rules of an apartment building can stipulate that the house door has to be locked during the night (from 10 p.m.) for security reasons.

Does the front door in the apartment building now has to be locked at night or not (to keep the escape route / escape route open)?

A system that meets both requirements would be ideal. That means keeping the front door in the apartment building locked at night and yet opening from the inside at any time - even without a key - thus keeping the escape route / escape route open in the event of a fire.

The solution: MEDIATOR® meets all the requirements for the front door in an apartment building!

With the MEDIATOR® system, the front door is now permanently locked - day and night. Thus, the apartments are well protected from burglars and other unsolicited guests. The house can be left at any time - in the case of emergency and in "normal operation" - even without a key. The main door can also be opened at any time using the electric strike button in the apartment, although the front door is permanently locked via the self-locking mechanism.

The solution consists of a self-locking escape door lock and an effeff linear electric strike. This means that house doors in apartment buildings can be converted or retrofitted quickly, easily and extremely cost-efficiently.

Please find detailed information on the MEDIATOR system here.