Vector profil rib and rib extra

IKON mechanical locking systems impress due to their reliable technology, perfect precision, optimum quality and proven long life cycle. This also applies for the successor profiles in the special class SK6 Vector rib and rib extra:

The benefits at a glance:

  • High-quality and patented key system for GH, H, KHZ, Z and ZUE master key systems
  • Highly capable and complex locking system with uncomplicated management
  • Very high security against break-ins, scanning and copying with:
    • paracentric vector profile with additional rib
    • Lateral shape scanning pin
    • Up to 5 active collar pins for scanning of the rib shaft (security class 2)
  • Copying prevented with lateral shape scan, rib, rib shaft (security class 2) scan
  • Functional options like emergency coupling, panic free wheel FZG, ANTI-AMOK
  • Extensive range of models
  • Optional highest VdS and DIN classifications
  • Upgrade with CLIQ technology possible
  • Keys available with integrated transponder
  • Fast and easy ordering
  • Simple master key system management
  • Reliable technology, perfect precision, high quality and proven long life cycle
  • High quality and stable nickel silver key with optional colour pins