Safe nursery school - lock doors or leave them open?

Supervisory obligation VS. safe escape/rescue way

The educators have to supervise the children and to ensure that the children do not leave the nursery school unattended suddenly standing on the street. In addition, the nursery school should be protected from unwanted visitors and burglars. So lock the main door?

At the same time, in an emergency, the little ones must be able to get outside quickly without outside help: the escape route / rescue route must be open to them. And the parents expect that they have free access to the nursery school during the pick-up and delivery times. So don't lock the front door?

ASSA ABLOY offers a security solution that meets both criteria!

More security for nursery schools

Various requirements are placed on the main entrance door of nursery schools:

  • Adults must be able to open the door easily from inside and outside at all times.
  • The door must always be locked from the inside for the children.
  • In the event of danger, the door must be available for everyone as an escape / escape route.

Certified security solution:

ASSA ABLOY Sicherheitstechnik GmbH offers a tested escape door lock that meets the European legal requirements.


For educators

  • The door is freely accessible during the pick-up and delivery times.
  • The door is locked during daytime operation, the children are safe.
  • In the event of danger, the children can get outside without assistance.
  • In combination with access control: no access for unauthorised persons.

For operators

  • Reliable planning: installation is also possible during operation.
  • Manageable budget: ASSA ABLOY offers inexpensive package solutions.
  • Legal security: the solution has been tested and approved in accordance with the “building authority requirements for electrical locking of doors in escape routes”.
  • In combination with access control: use of ID cards as an advertising medium + recording of working hours for better billing.

Escape route locking for nursery schools

With the effeff escape door solutions especially for nursery schools, the door is basically locked.

A switch is mounted on the outside of the door that is only activated at certain times (e.g. during the drop-off and pick-up times). During this period, parents can easily open the door from the outside. When the door closes, it is automatically locked again.

Authorised persons can use a key switch to unlock the door outside at any time.

On the inside, there are a button and an escape route terminal next to the door: the button at a height of 1.80 meters is easy for adults to reach, while children cannot. Adults can unlock the door from the inside at any time by pressing this button.

A door terminal with an emergency button is installed at a height of approx. 1.05 meters so that children can leave the building in emergency case without help from an adult. When a child presses this red button, they can open the door. At the same time, an alarm is triggered so that no child can get outside unnoticed.