The innovation: ePED panic touch bar

In addition to the mechanical panic door lock, the ePED panic touch bar, controlled with a display terminal, also includes the complete electrically controlled escape door system. Only the 24 VDC power supply is required for operation. Existing compatible panic locks can be easily retrofitted with the function of an electrically controlled escape door system. In the case of a double-leaf door, the 4-wire Hi-O bus connects the ePED panic touch bars.

The function of the panic touch bar is controlled electrically by decoupling the mechanical actuation of the panic touch bar from the lock. If the escape door system is activated, the touch bar can be operated, but the lock is not unlocked. Only after an electrical release, the panic touch bar is connected to the lock again and the door can be opened. Optionally, the door can be locked with a burglar-resistant multi-point lock, which further increases security.

The mechanical function of the ePED panic touch bar is safely activated when it is pushed or there is a power failure. In emergency case, the ePED panic touch bar is activated by actuating the EMERGENCY OPEN button (optionally with a time delay). In addition to the emergency button integrated in the display terminal, the panic touch bar itself can also be used as an emergency button. The display terminal integrates the functions: escape route icon, emergency button, authorized operation and display of the time delay.

Features of the controlled ePED panic touch bar:

  • Integration of the electrically controlled escape door system in the ePED panic touch bar
  • High level of burglary protection thanks to electrically controlled ePED panic touch bar
  • Integrates the classic escape door control terminal into one unit
  • Status display and operation in graphic design
  • Delayed release when the emergency button is pushed
  • No separate escape door terminal needed on the wall
  • Optional: Intuitive triggering of the emergency button function when activating ePED push bar (with pre-alarm)
  • Low wiring effort, only power supply required.The door can be opened using a locking cylinder without additional electrical control
  • Flexible configuration via the touch screen
  • Easy integration into the door technology with Hi-O Bus

Escape route protection with ePED panic touch bar