The elegant: display terminal

Design-oriented escape door solution for optimal operation of an electrically controlled escape door system.

As the first escape route system with a touch screen in the terminal, it replaces 4 modules: key switch, emergency open, illuminated icon and display of the time delay. This reduces the wiring effort and concentrates the functions on one unit. The situational display of the function makes operation easier in case of emergency. Thanks to the Hi-O bus, it can be easily integrated into the door technology.

All relevant information such as door status, operation, technical details, maintenance information can be called up on the display.

The door status (open, locked) can be read from a distance via the colored LED edge.

The ePED display terminals can be used with local or central time delay function, and without a time delay function. 

Features Terminal

  • First system with touch screen
  • Innovative design
  • Integrates the classic escape door control terminal into one unit and replaces 4 modules: key switch, emergency open, illuminated icon, display of time delay
  • Situational user guidance: status display and operation in graphic design
  • Monitoring the door open time
  • All information available on the display
  • Coupling with fire alarm system
  • Delayed release when the emergency switch is actuated (optional: approval by the responsible building authority required)
  • Flexible configuration via the touch display
  • Easy integration into the door technology with Hi-O Bus
  • Less wiring effort

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