CLIQ Technology

The right CLIQ system for every requirement: That‘s what makes the CLIQ technology so successful

  • Thanks to the IKON CLIQ system family – +CLIQ, VERSO®CLIQ and eCLIQ – the right solution is available for nearly any application
  • With simple programming of locking authorisations, system security is retained in the event that a key is lost
    Flexible, user-defined allocation of access authorisations through programming, re-programming or deletion – even in a virtual network
  • No wiring: Power supplied by inexpensive standard batteries in the key
  • No tools needed to change battery
  • Suitable cylinder models for doors, gates, windows, hinged lids or,machines,letterboxes, padlocks etc. (also for outdoor installation)
  • Keys are also available with a built-in transponder chip (optionally in Legic, Legic Advant, Mifare, Mifare Desfire or EM 4102)
  • Certified cylinders and keys for potentially explosive areas