CLIQ Software

For programming access authorisations and schedules for keys, doors and users, CLIQ® systems offer two versions of a reliable and uncomplicated management software:


The CLIQ® Local Manager is a management software installed locally for individual or multiple CLIQ® master key systems. With this software, system administrators can carry out a wide range of tasks tailored to the specific requirements of their work environment and manage the access authorisations of user keys locally via desktop programming devices.

The CLIQ® Local Manager is a convenient, intuitive and user-friendly software for easy management of CLIQ® systems in small and medium-sized companies.


The internet-based CLIQ® Web Manager software enables the locking system management to be accessed from the Internet. The software application also supports a wide range of access options via different programming devices or via an app.

In practice, this means: The administrator is completely independent and can manage the system at any time, from any location with Internet access. 

The CLIQ® Web Manager is therefore ideal for managing very large master key systems and systems distributed over several locations.