The profile cylinder today and tomorrow

After ASSA ABLOY launched a microprocessor-controlled locking cylinder system in the IKOTRON back in 1986, the development towards mechatronic locking solutions gained momentum at the end of the 20th century. And always a part of it: the profile cylinder.

As it had become standard in many parts of Europe, further innovations were oriented around the door and its shape, in order to make retrofitting quick and simple.

All in one core

High-End für hohe Ansprüche: Mechatronische Schließanlage VERSO CLIQWhilst a cable connection between the cylinder and external control unit as well as the power source still had to be laid for IKOTRON, a decisive advantage in 2002 with VERSO®CLIQ was attained: the entire technology in this locking solution is located in the cylinder core and the power supply is made available via the key. This makes cables unnecessary. The best part is: the cylinder is identical to the profile cylinder and can therefore be replaced without any problems. 

Merger for greater expertise

A further milestone in the expansion of the mechatronic range was set by the foundation of ASSA ABLOY Sicherheitstechnik GmbH on 1 April 2005. It was created by the merger of IKON GmbH Präzisionstechnik with effeff Fritz Fuss GmbH & Co. KGaA from Albstadt. effeff was already a globally leading manufacturer for electromechanical master key systems. The merger with IKON therefore allowed sensible synergies to be formed in the area of building security technology.

Vector function

The positive structural development accompanied product innovations: in 2007, a new generation of IKON profile cylinders with a vector function was launched on the market. Thanks to the patented paracentric profile, they ensure effective protection against break-in techniques such as lock bumping and picking. The profile features on the inside of the locking cylinder are aligned both horizontally and at angle to one another. The inserted lock picking tool is deflected by this and unauthorised opening of the lock is made significantly harder. At the same time, metal pins used in the cylinder core and housing ensure optimum drilling protection.

CLIQ® product family

eCLIQ - simply electronic: neue Generation der elektronischen SchließanlagenIn order to close the gap between mechanical and mechatronic master key systems, ASSA ABLOY introduced the +CLIQ retrofitting and expansion system in 2008. It enables mechanical and mechatronic components to be combined within a single master key system. In 2010, in CLIQ Remote a system for the administration of the VERSO®CLIQ and +CLIQ master key systems, regardless of place or time, followed. The basis is formed by internet-based web manager software, in which the user can control the master key system at any location with an internet connection. With eCLIQ, ASSA ABLOY launched a purely electronic master key system on the market in 2014. Thanks to the CLIQ® Connect app it can now also be used on smartphones. This allows access authorisations and revalidations to be easily called up when out and about.

CLIQ® Go is also a purely electronic system. The flexible and future-proof solution, which was developed for small companies and private users, does not require a complex installation or maintenance. Customers can manage the entire system in the Cloud with the user-friendly CLIQ® Go app.

Present and future

All cylinders in the CLIQ® family are available in the form of a profile cylinder and can therefore be easily retrofitted. This option makes it clear how widespread the type of locking cylinder is. And it also makes it clear that despite increasing digitisation, it will continue to exist. New developments adapt to the profile cylinder, meaning its continued existence beyond 90 years is secure. ASSA ABLOY Sicherheitstechnik GmbH is particularly proud of its all-rounder and raises it up with the five-part "90 years of profile cylinders" newsletter series. To the next successful 90 years!